Leaving Domain of One’s Own: Overview

What can I take with me? #

As a Domain of One’s Own user who is leaving UMW, you should know you can take some things with you when you leave. As part of your Domain of One’s Own account you have:

  • A domain
    • This would be your main URL, example.com.
    • Any subdomains you’ve made, another.example.com, which are branches off your main domain.
  • Web content. This could be:
    • A WordPress site you’ve built
    • An Omeka site you’ve built
    • Databases you’ve created
    • Files you’ve uploaded directly to your File Manager

When you leave you can transfer your domain and/or migrate your web content that you have created on the Domain of One’s Own web hosting to a new web host or make a back-up of your content. If you plan on keeping your domain and content up on the web by transferring it to a new web host this will cost money. Typically the cost of the domain is a yearly fee while cost of web hosting is a monthly or yearly fee.

If you’d like more explanation about the difference between your domain, website, and web hosting please see our “Getting to know your web space” guide.

What is the timeline? #

You have 90 days after your graduation date to determine what you would like to do.

What are my next steps? #

There are many different options available to you if you plan on transferring your domain and/or migrating some of your content. While we can’t cover all the different scenarios here are some things you should consider. If you have any questions we encourage you to book a Domain Migration Appointment with the Digital Knowledge Center.

  1. Decide what you want to take with you.
    • Whether it is just your domain or you want to take everything with you make sure you know what you want to take. As explained about these are two separate costs so different companies may charge you differently to transfer and move your content.
    • If you plan on taking your content with you make sure you know how much storage you are currently using. Most companies charge more for more storage needs. Make sure you delete anything you don’t plan on taking with you before you migrate your content.
  2. Find a company and set up an account.
    • Before signing up with a company make sure they can do all the things you need. Many companies have guides as well as support. Read up and reach out and make sure they are a good fit.
    • On the Migration Information page you’ll find that the company that hosts Domain of One’s Own, Reclaim Hosting, has made a special offer available to students. They don’t have
  3. Get your Migration Information.
    • If you need to transfer your domain you’ll need to unlock your domain and get an EPP code. You’ll find that information on this page.

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