Accounts & Passwords

One aspect of Domain of One’s Own that users may find a bit complicated at first is understanding the different accounts and associated passwords that you may use in the project. This article outlines the types of accounts that you are likely to have, what they are for, and how you go about resetting passwords on each of them.

Using your NetID #

Signing-Up #

When signing up for Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) you must have an active NetID. This account is used for many applications and tools across campus including e-mail, Canvas, and EAB.

Your Dashboard (cPanel) Account #

Once you’ve created your account you now have access to your slice of the Domain of One’s Own web server. The cPanel is where you’ll have access to all the hosting features including installing applications, accessing installed applications, or setting up FTP. In order to get in your account’s cPanel you’ll have to login from the homepage using your NetID.

Your Application Administrator Accounts #

Every time you install a new application in cPanel, an Administrator Account for that application will be created. It is unlikely you will use these accounts very often, but there are a few circumstances in which it makes sense to login directly to the application and it is important to know they exist.

If you prefer to login directly in to an application, managing and resetting the password for an account will vary. If you’ve used Installatron (in cPanel) to install the application, however, you can always review the account credentials:

  • Login to cPanel through
  • Click the Installatron icon in the Software/Services section.
  • Find the application you installed under My Applications.
  • Click the Edit button (this looks like a blue wrench).
  • Scroll down to find the Administrator Username and Password.

In addition, most applications should have some kind of password reset link on the login page. We have created this WordPress specific guide if you need assistance resetting a user account for a WordPress application.

Other Types of Accounts #

In addition to the three account types outlined above, there are a few other kinds of accounts you may have as part of DoOO:

  • Email: If you set up an email address at your domain, you will have an account associated with this.
  • FTP: If you set up FTP on your account, you will need to set up an account.
  • Application User Accounts: In addition to the Administrator Account that you set up when installing an application, most applications will also let you set up user accounts.

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