Domain Suspension

After 14 days, if you have not verified your domain, it will be suspended. You will be able to edit your website through Domain of One’s Own, but it will no longer be able to be seen on the Web. You will see the following screen when going to your website:

screenshot of ICANN domain suspension warning

When this happens, you need to first locate the verification email in your UMW inbox and then, click on the link in the message to verify it. After you have verified your email, it could take up to 48 hours for your site to show on the Web again.

If you cannot locate the verification email, you can resend it to yourself by typing in the code on the suspension page and clicking “Resend Verification Email.” If you have a subdomain, you will need to visit your main domain in order to resend this email (e.g. go to rather than

Not receiving the domain verification email

The domain verification email message will be clearly marked with a subject line similar to “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required.” 

Screenshot of domain verification email

Click on the link in the message to verify your email. A Web page will appear notifying you that your email has been verified.

The domain verification email should ideally be in your UMW email inbox, but sometimes it ends up in the junk or clutter mail folder.  Check your junk or clutter mail folder first before seeking more help. 

If the verification email is not in your UMW inbox or junk or clutter mail folders and your domain has not been suspended, then faculty and staff, please contact Digital Learning Support. Students, please visit the Digital Knowledge Center

If your domain is suspended then try resending the verification email to yourself. (See above) If you are not receiving the verification email after resending it, then faculty and staff, please contact Digital Learning Support. Students, please visit the Digital Knowledge Center.  

Ran out of hosting space

Sometimes users on Domain of One’s Own will run out of space on their hosting account for several reasons. A few of which include:

  • Having many plugins and themes
  • Having many websites (installs)

Some ways you can free up web hosting space are to do the following:

  • Delete any themes and plugins you are not and do not plan on using
  • Uninstall any applications (sites) you do not need or do not want any more
  • Delete old backups
  • Host large media files (e.g. video) on an external platform (like YouTube) and embed videos instead of uploading them directly to your website.

After cleaning up your hosting account, if you still need more space,  you can contact the Digital Knowledge Center



New users aren't receiving the welcome email

Sometimes recently added users to a site do not receive the welcome email. What new users are missing in the welcome is their username and a link to create a different password for their login credentials.

However, it is not entirely necessary that new users receive the welcome email. As long as you inform them of their username and create a generic password for them to use to log in, then they will be able to change their password on their profile after logging in. 

Nevertheless, even with that workaround, faculty and staff should still alert Digital Learning Support and students should still tell their professors or visit the Digital Knowledge Center so they can alert the folks who manage UMW’s email system. 

Blank white screen on the Control Panel (cPanel)

This issue happens on a rare occasion, but since we have seen it before, we wanted to share with you a fix for if your Control Panel (cPanel) is not loading and you see a blank screen. 

If this happens, try one of two things:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Hit the back arrow in your browser and then go to You should still be logged in and in which case, the Control Panel page will just be prompted again.

If these fixes did not work, faculty and staff, please contact Digital Learning Support. Students, please visit the Digital Knowledge Center.