Digital Privacy and Security

Building Blocks for Domain of One’s Own: A series of adaptable modules


Understand digital privacy and how to be proactive in protecting yours.



Organize a Cryptoparty or go over the various steps outlined by FemTechNet with students to get them to think about the security and privacy of their digital identity.


  • Do you know what data websites are keeping on you when you visit their pages?
  • Is privacy important to you? Why or why not? 
  • How secure is your network of people around you, including family? In other words, what would hackers find out about you if your parents’ accounts were accessed?

Instructor Guide

Our students often take for granted how much they are sharing online, but also how much of their lives are online without them knowing through trackers, aggregating websites, and metadata. In other words, who they are, where they go, and who they talk to is all recorded and tracked, often monetized. Most don’t use a password manager, nor two-factor authentication. This is an opportunity to talk about security, privacy, and how that impacts the people around them, as well as themselves. 

Customize It!

Have them prepare a conversation about digital privacy and security to deliver to their parents, and then to their friends.