Graduating from UMW:

What do you need to know?

What can I take with me?

As a Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) user who is leaving UMW you should know you can take some things with you when you leave. As part of your DoOO account you have:

  • A domain
    • This would be your main URL,
    • Any subdomains you’ve made,, which are branches off your main domain.
  • Web content. This could be:
    • A WordPress site you’ve built
    • An Omeka site you’ve built
    • Databases you’ve created
    • Files you’ve uploaded directly to your File Manager

When you leave you can transfer your domain and/or migrate your web content that you have created on the DoOO’s web hosting to a new web host or make a back-up of your content. If you plan on keeping your domain and content up on the web by transferring it to a new web host this will cost money. Typically the cost of the domain is a yearly fee while cost of web hosting is a monthly or yearly fee.

If you’d like more explanation about the difference between your domain, website, and web hosting please see our “Getting to know your web space” guide.

What is the timeline?

You have 90 days after your graduation date to determine what you would like to do.

What are my next steps?

There are many different options available to you if you plan on migrating or retaining some of your content. While we can’t cover all the different scenarios we’ve put together a guide below of some options that are available to you. If you have other plans for your domain and content you are welcome to do those as well.

Using the form below you can see what some of your options are. You can click on each option below to get an idea of why you might choose each and what that entails.

When you’ve decided which option sounds right for you click “Next” to find out what things you need to consider next.

Still not sure?

If you’ve read through everything and you are still not sure what to do or have questions please book a “Domain Migration” appointment with the Digital Knowledge Center or e-mail us at