Leaving UMW Domains

When do I have to leave DoOO?

As a recent graduate or withdrawn student, you have a six-month grace period to determine what you would like to do.  

Faculty or staff who leave the University must migrate before their last day at University, and may skip to Step 3 below.

Generally speaking, if you’d like to keep what you’ve created you will need to take over ownership (and payment) for your domain as well as set up Web hosting for your sites. Domain registration can cost between $10-15/year. Web hosting costs vary greatly; you can pay as little as $5/month or as much as $20/month. It is possible (and usually easier) to use one company for both domain registration and Web hosting, but you don’t have to.

Migration of all account files and data to a new service is the sole responsibility of the student, faculty member, or staff member. UMW will provide documentation about how to obtain files/data and how, generally, to migrate them to new service providers.

Migration Steps

The first step will be to create a new password for yourself to login to the Domain of One’s Own site. Since you’ve left the University, the UMW NetID/password credentials you’ve used in the past will no longer work. To set up a new password please go to umw.domains/pwreset. You’ll need to enter your old NetID. This page will then generate an email (to your UMW email inbox) with a link that you can use to create your new password.

After you’ve reset your password, go to umw.domains/login and use your new password and your UMW NetID as your userid. Do NOT use the login button at umwdomains.com anymore, as this will prompt you for a UMW NetID/password combination, which will no longer work since you’ve graduated.

Once logged into Domain of One’s Own, you’ll need to choose a web host, unlock your domain, and fill out the short migration form. These steps can be found on Manage Your Account > Migration Information in the upper most, black, drop-down, menu. 

You will be able to choose any web host you like and/or any domain registrar. Some companies may require you to download a backup of your site(s) and upload it to their server. However, Reclaim Hosting and HostGator will not require you to create a backup and upload it because we have exclusive offers with them. You can read about those below. 

Web Host Offers

Through a special partnership with our hosting provider, Reclaim Hosting, students are eligible to have their domain and content automatically migrated to a full hosting account at Reclaim Hosting at a 20% discount.

UMW has partnered with HostGator to offer alumni a generous one-time discount on the purchase of a hosting account for 1, 2, or 3 years. This offer includes free migration of your site facilitated by HostGator support and it’s a great opportunity to remove the pain of backing up and migrating the contents of your site on your own. Please note that this plan does not include domain registration. Hosting costs and domain registration costs are separate, and the discount offer only applies to hosting. You will need to pay for domain registration through HostGator (about $12/year) or register your domain elsewhere and point it to HostGator’s Web servers. When choosing your HostGator plan and checking out, you will have the option to add a domain registration or indicate if you own the domain but have registered it elsewhere. HostGator offers 2 different hosting plans. The Hatchling Plan is a hosting plan for a single domain, comparable to existing UMW accounts, and will be suitable for most UMW students. For users that wish to host multiple domains and expand their account the Baby Plan is appropriate.
Hatchling Plan
  • Single Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Prices start at $29.19/year
Baby Plan
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Prices start at $41.79/year