Domain of One’s Own or UMW Blogs?

Two Platforms for Web Publishing #

At UMW, we have two ways for you to publish to the open web.

Domain of One’s Own #

Domain of One’s Own is a web hosting service available to any member of the University of Mary Washington community. It provides users with a domain and hosting where users have the opportunity and flexibility to design and create a meaningful and vibrant digital identity. Users can install a myriad of applications including WordPress, Omeka, MediaWiki, and Drupal.

Users may choose to map their domain (or a subdomain) to other services, such as Medium, Squarespace, Google Sites, Wix, or Tumblr.

UMW Blogs #

UMW Blogs is a publishing platform available to any member of the University of Mary Washington community. Built with the open-source software WordPress, it allows users to create a blog, a course, or a project site to begin building their professional web presence. Users do not have the ability to extensively customize their site and are limited to the themes and plugins already installed.

Which One? #

This is a question we get a lot, and depending on what your needs are, you might want to choose one over the other. If you are using Domain of One’s Own or UMW Blogs for a class be sure to check with the professor to make sure you are using the right platform. While they have things in common they don’t do the exactly same thing.

At a Glance #

Domain of One’s Own #

  • One top-level domain
    • For example, you could have
  • Choose from a large variety of applications
    • Including WordPress, Omeka, Media Wiki, and Drupal.
  • Full control over the look and feel of your site
    • Install as many themes/plugins as you want.

UMW Blogs #

  • A subdomain on and as many as you want
    • For example, you could have and
  • Get to publishing right away
    • Once you’ve picked your subdomain WordPress is ready for you to start writing.
  • Low-maintenance
    • Admins manage updates of themes/plugins
    • Spam protection already turned on

Common Questions #

Domain of One’s ownUMW BLogs
Where do I sign-up?You can start your process by going to our Getting Started page. You can start by creating an account on our sign-up page.
What domain (URL) can I have?As long as it is available you can have any top-level domain you want! For example:
Your URL will be a subdomain on UMW Blogs. For example:
How many domains (URLs) can I have?We only pay for one domain, but if you want you can purchase your own and add it on to your account. However, you can create as many subdomains as you want.You can create as many subdomains as you want.
Does it have WordPress?Yes, you can install WordPress on your domain.Yes! In fact, UMW Blogs is WordPress only.
When using WordPress can I install new themes and plugins?Yes, you have control over what is installed on your domain. If you can find a theme/plugin you can install it.No, you are limited to activating the themes/plugins made available by the UMW Blogs admins.
Can I install other applications like Omeka or Media Wiki?Yes, with web hosting you can install many applications including Media Wiki, Drupal, Omeka, and more.No, UMW Blogs is only WordPress.
Can I get FTP access to my site?Yes, with your account you have FTP credentials you can use to control and update your site.No, UMW Blogs does not allow FTP access.

Reviewed by Anastasia Zanyuk 08/13/22

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