Signing up on Domain of One’s Own

Step 1: Choosing Your Domain Name #

Choosing your domain name is the first step in getting started on Domain of One’s Own. Your domain name is really just a unique web address that can be used to build out your own digital presence. As you make your choice, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Your domain name must be available.
  • You must choose a top level domain (TLD).
  • Choose a domain name you can live with.

What is a “Top Level Domain” (TLD)? #

The TLD is the suffix (or ending part) of your domain name. On Domain of One’s Own, we only allow you to choose from four TLDs:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info

Can I change my domain name after signing up? #

No. You should choose a domain name that you feel you can live with for quite some time. Many users choose their name or a variation of their name, but as long as it’s available, you can have it.

Step 2: Signing up on Domain of One’s Own #

To get started on Domain of One’s Own, you’ll need to register a domain.

1. To start go to

2. Click the Get Started button. You’ll use your UMW NetID and password to access the signup system and to log in.

3. Choose your domain name. Then choose the desired Top-Level Domain (TLD) from the drop-down menu. 

4. Click Checkout Now. (Don’t worry, it’s free for you!)

5. Review the Terms of Service.  Click the check box at the bottom of the Terms of Service, and the click the Register Now button.

You’re now the proud owner of your own domain and web hosting space!

Step 3: Domain verification #

When you’ve recently created a domain with Domain of Ones Own, you are required to verify it with ICANN within 14 days or it will be suspended. When this happens, all of the sites and content you’ve created at your domain will still exist but they will no longer be available via a web browser until you complete the verification process.

Locate verification email #

Ideally, your verification email should show up in your UMW email main inbox shortly after you complete your domain registration, but could take up to 20 minutes. If the message is not in your inbox, then open your spam/junk folder.

The verification email message will be clearly marked with a subject line similar to “IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required.” 

Screenshot of domain verification email

Click on the link in the message to verify your email. A webpage will appear notifying you that your email has been verified.

Resend verification email #

If it has been over 14 days since signing up, your domain will be suspended. You can resend the email message to yourself by visiting your site.

Enter the URL of your domain in your browser. If you have a subdomain, make sure to go to your main domain rather than the subdomain (e.g. go to rather than A page similar to the screenshot below should appear. Enter the captcha in the prompt on the screen and click the Resend Verification Email. Be patient;  the message may take 10-20 minutes to find its way to your email. 

screenshot of ICANN domain suspension warning

If you still do not see your verification email fill out the “Contact Us” form on the Get Support page and let us know.

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