Domain Examples

Domain of One’s Own allows students, faculty, and staff to have their own corner of the web. Each domain is unique and students are encouraged to use their domain to build, create, and find their digital identity. Below are three common ways that students use their domain.


 A site about about their lives, study abroad trips, internships, and/or their thoughts. On Domain of One’s Own we see all kinds of personal sites. Written blogs to video blogs, photography, and art. We encourage students to find their voice.



Many students use their space on the web to build a professional identity. On their domain they tend to have a portfolio, a resume, links to coursework, and links to different social media accounts such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Some student professional sites have a large amount of content, and some simply act as an online business card.



Some courses will require or give students the option of creating a digital project. Digital projects can come in multiple forms, such as videos, image galleries, or maps, but more often than not, students create websites for digital projects. Some websites are more text heavy and some are interactive.