Brief Introduction to cPanel


cPanel is a control panel where you can manage all of the different elements of your hosting account. Some of the most common uses of cPanel on Domain of One’s Own are to install applications, like WordPress, manage WordPress sites, and create subdomains

While the interface may seem intimidating, there are two easy ways to navigate cPanel.

  • Minimize
  • Search

cPanel is divided up into different sections such as Files, Databases, Domains, and Web Applications. There are several sections you may not be interested in using, and therefore, do not want to see. To hide those sections, click the minus sign on the section’s bar and that area will minimize. You can do this to as many sections as you’d like. To open them again, click the plus sign. The sections you minimize will stay minimized the next time you log into Domain of One’s Own. 

Screen shot of section in cPanel open

Screen shot of section in cPanel minimized

Another way of easily finding tools in cPanel is to search for them in the search bar located in the upper right corner. Once you start typing, the search function will suggest words of places you are looking to go to.