Module: What is a Domain?

Module: What is a Domain?

Building Blocks for Domain of One’s Own: A series of adaptable modules


Introduces the Domain of One’s Own project at UMW, specifically what a domain is, how we choose one, how it works… (from a technical standpoint), and what we can do with one.



Spend some time researching options for your own domain name. What possible domains are you interested in and why? Are they available (check!) When you’ve found a domain you like that is available, sign up for it on and share with class your choice and why you made it.


  • What factors went into deciding what you would choose as your Domain name?
  • Did you pick your name for your domain? (Why or Why not?)
  • What could live on your domain and what you would like to feature about yourself?
  • Which social media profiles you would like to link to and through this space?

Instructor Guide

Choosing a domain name isn’t as easy as it sounds; the students need to choose something that not only reflects their nascent digital identities today, but something they can carry into the future, or at least the next couple of years. Particularly challenging are students with common names, which have probably already been taken. A possible activity is to brainstorm in small groups all possible domain names based on a short interview (or Google search) in order to generate a number of possible domain names.

Customize It!

Choose a domain for your class, class project, your residence hall, or some other organization or club students are involved with. Why would you make that particular choice?