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Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) is a project at the University of Mary Washington managed by the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) that allows UMW students, faculty, and staff to register their own domain name and associate it with a hosted web space, free of charge while at UMW. With their Domain and corresponding web space, users will have the opportunity and flexibility to design and create a meaningful and vibrant digital identity. DTLT works with faculty and staff and the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC) supports students in cultivating a digital presence for their academic, professional, or personal work. In addition, users may choose to “map” their domain (or a subdomain) to other services, such as Medium, Squarespace, Google Sites, or Tumblr.

This site serves as a source of information about the project as well as a gateway for UMW users to login and manage their accounts.